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American Labor Study Center:  Lessons for Women's Labor History

Archive Library Information Center:  Women (National Archives)

American Women Home Page (Library of Congress)

American Women's History: A Research Guide

Biographies:  Women's History (Gale)

ClassBrain:  Women's History Month Links to Learning

Crossword: Women Songwriters

Crossword: Women Writers

Crossword: Women in Sports

Crossword: First Ladies & Kids

Crossword: "Her-Story"

C-SPAN Resources Master Directory:  Women's History Month (video links)

Did Settling the West Change Women's Roles?

Education World:  Lesson Plans & Resources that Celebrate Women's History Month!

Elementary Pathfinder:  Women's History

eMINTS:  Women's History Month Resources

Expect the Best from a Girl

Gender and Women's Studies Resources for Curriculu (University of Wisconsin System Women's Studies)

Gender Exclusive Language:  Introduction & Exercise

Gender Issues in Children's Literature

Gender Issues in Children's Literature (Eric Digest)


International Women's Air & Space Museum

Learn About Women in History  @ Educating

The Learning Page:  Directory of Internet Resources Women's History

The Learning Place Links:  Women's History Resources

Lesson Plan Avoiding Sexist Language:  Using Gender-Fair Pronouns (ReadWriteThink)

Lesson Plans Library:  Women Monarchs and Heads of State (

Massachusetts Teaching Association:  Special Subjects, Women's History Month

Multimedia Sites in Women's History

NASA Quest:  Female Frontiers

Quiz: Notable African-American Women

Quiz: First Ladies

Quiz: Female Writers and Performers

Quiz: Groundbreaking Women

Quiz: Women of the Ancient World

Quiz: Women in History

Quiz: Suffrage Movement

Reading is Fundamental:  Women's History Month Links

Recommended Reading:  Celebrate Women's History Month (

Resources and Links on Women in American History

Scholastic Research Tools: - Women's History

Scholastic Teachers:  Women Who Changed History

The Seneca Falls Convention:   Teaching about the Rights of Women and the Heritage of the Declaration of Independence.

Smithsonian Education:  Women's History Teaching Resources

Some Online Materials for Western Women's History

Spartacus:  Emancipation of Women

Spartacus:  Women's Sufferage

Teacher Planet:  Women's History Month

The Teacher's Guide March Lesson Plans Page (Includes Women's History Month)

Teachervision:  US Women's History Timeline

Teachervision:  Women's History

Teaching and Research Resources:  Women's History and More (

Teaching With Documents: Woman Suffrage and the 19th Amendment (National Archives)

WestWeb Western Women's History

What you can do to help GRRLS get into technology!

Women and Social Movements in the United States, 1600 - 2000

Women in History (

Women's History Curriculum Links (Montgomery County Public Schools)

Women's History Field Trip (Tramline)

Women's History Lesson Plans/Suffrage Lesson Plans

Women's History Month (

Women's History Theme:  Lesson Plans, Thematic Units, Printables, Worksheets, and More (A to Z Teacher Stuff)

Women's Suffrage Links (Surfing the Net with Kids)

Women In World History Curriculum (

Women's Studies - Women's Issues Resource Sites

Yahooligan's Teacher Guide:  Women's History

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