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Math is important, yet many feel uncomfortable with it.  The good news is that technology helps us work with numbers.  Understanding math, however, is still important.  If we use technology for calculations, then we can apply math to help us in many ways.  The purpose of our Math Matters Web is to share skills with parents, families, and children.  We hope that kids will accept math as important and fun -- something to share with someone you love.  It is the "gateway" to higher education.

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To Mom and Dad

Why Math?  Most want their children to use and enjoy math.  Young children learn math enthusiastically, counting games can provide endless hours of fun.  Math is more than counting -- a child is playing with math when they arrange blocks in patterns.  Perhaps our challenge is to nurture that excitement.  Click HERE to continue.

What Skills and When?  A good question many ask is, "What skills should children be learning and when should they learn them?"  Reasonable people can disagree to the "best answer" here, but this is clearly a question that shows people care.  Children develop differently, no one can "prove" that "one size fits all."  (Note:  We include links to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics  standards and expectations and Wisconsin 's Model Academic Standards for Mathematics).  Click HERE to continue. 

Traditional Approach to Teaching Math in Elementary Schools.  Many parents want to help their children with math, but when they look at their children's textbook, they see "new math."  The textbooks that are used in school change, the fundamentals of math do not.  Clearly, calculators have forced math instruction to change -- the use of calculators in school is still "controversial" among many that teach math.  Studies also show that high school teachers and college math professors disagree on what skills are fundamental.  Math instruction changes. Click HERE to continue.

Giving Your Children a "Head Start" in Math.  We all want our children to do well in school.  Do you want to give your child a "head start" in math?  There are many ways you can start.  One does not need to be an "expert," after all, math is all around us.  Think about the things you do regularly that involve math.  When shopping, writing a check and balancing a checkbook, measuring distance, telling time, cooking or baking, play games, or just watching sports on TV, you are using math.  Click HERE to continue.

You Can Teach Your Child Math!  Do you feel ready to teach your child math? Don't worry, we are not talking about finite math, calculus, or even algebra. We are talking about fundamental concepts that prepare your child for success. Most schools have qualified teachers and follow carefully created math instruction that moves a child towards mastery of higher level math.  Click HERE to continue.

Here are some suggestions about important math topics that you can help introduce your child to:

bulletWhat is a Number
bulletZero, its Nothing
bulletHow Big
bulletMultiplication and Area
bulletFractions As:
bulletParts of a Whole
bulletPoints on a Number Line
bulletTying it All Together

Helping With Homework.  Most parents want to help their children do well in school.   For some, finding the time is the challenge.  Others are not confident or comfortable with certain subject areas.  Helping with homework is a great way to spend some "quality time" with a child and develop a meaningful dialog.  Click HERE to continue.

Math Raps and Rhymes

Kids love to recite poems, sing, clap their hands, and do "finger plays."  Here are some fun "rhymes and raps" to share with children -- all are based on math and counting skills.  Click HERE to continue.

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Great Math Books

Here are some books about math for parents, educators and children.  We present books for parents, picture books, young readers (primary and middle school students), and young adults (middle and high school students).  Click HERE to continue.

Algebra Connections

Created by to support a Beginning Algebra class, Algebra Connections is a "newsletter"  that presents fundamental concepts of algebra and suggests links to review skills.   The ideas is to give students organized notes and resources to take with them when the took Intermediate Algebra. 

The Algebra Connections posted here are in downloadable, printable, pdf format (created in an older version of Acrobat that did not supporting hyperlinks) and gif screen captures for online viewing (again, not supporting hyperlinks).  You will need Acrobat Reader to view them. 

Please click HERE for direct links to the many algebra Web resources that are recommended in each issue of Algebra Connections.  To see all of the "newsletters" in sequence, click HERE.

Skill Review Certificates are "achievement awards" that review basic procedures that are fundamental to success in algebra.  They are posted here as colorful .pdf files -- fully downloadable and printable.  Please share them with anyone you know that is studying algebra.  To see a listing of the complete set, click HERE.

Links for Parents

Today, there are so many resources available to help parents help their children.  Libraries will have a variety of information in different formats.  Schools usually will connect parents with appropriate resources.  The Web is full of great sites too.  This collection of links covers a wide variety of topics. 

Because most Web resources contain information and links about many different helpful ideas, we have organized our links to encourage "browsing" and presented them in alphabetical order.  Please "click through" to the sites that sound helpful, that will give you a better idea of the full depth of resources a given Web page contains. Click HERE to continue.

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Links for Kids

Here are some suggestions for online games and activity that primary students (pre-k through 5th grade) will enjoy  Organizing links for kids is a challenge -- different children have different needs, abilities, and interests.  Some online sites review and reinforce combinations of skills.  We have organized these popular, free, online games by suggesting grade levels of children that might enjoy them.  Click HERE to continue.

To classifying them by grade level, we used traditional Remember, kids will find games fun based on whether they feel appropriately challenged.  The grade suggestions are merely suggestions and guides to show how schools typically introduce and reinforce math skills.  We have suggestions for pre-k through kindergarten, first grade, second grade, third grade, fourth grade, and fifth grade

We have also provided some links to general education sites with collections of fun online activities for different age groups and topics.

Links for Teachers

The Internet represents different things to different people.  Teachers can find many different tools and resources to help them.  Some prefer to use online sites to generate ideas, others are looking for lessons and activities that are "ready to go."  Our Links for Teachers offer a wide variety of support and each link contains hyperlinks to additional resources.  To encourage browsing, we have presented them in alphabetical order.  Please "click through" the links that sound interesting to more fully see what they have to offer.  Click HERE to continue.

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